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Products according to the recipes of our ancestors

From our desire to produce a good-quality domestic product, we devised an idea to revive tradition. Handmade products, without additives, made from lean lamb meat, are the secret behind the taste of our sausages. Century-old recipe preserves our culture from oblivion.

Our products

Products coming from the Lazarević farm are prepared according to the recipe demanding lean meat and natural spices, created to satisfy the tastes of every gourmand. The taste of tradition, requiring a special manner of centuries-old preparation, is the secret of luxurious taste enriching tables even today.

Lamb Stomach Meat

Made of a specific piece of meat - lamb stomach and seasoned with salt exclusively is smoked by applying a special meat-processing method. Ovčija stelja must be smoked for 3 to 4 days followed by 20 days of air-drying. Special attention during the preparation of ovčija stelja makes it an integral part of rich cultural inheritance.

Peglana kobasica (Pressed sausage)

A sausage that became an ultimate identity protector. It is made out of lean lamb meat without any fats making its taste different from Pirot pressed sausage. This sausage goes through...

Mini Sausages

Mini sausages are made out of lean lamb meat infused with the aroma of the light smoking process. The sausages are smoked for 3 to 4 days with an additional 20 days of air-drying. Because of the carefully thought smoking...

Smoked lamb sausage

Lean lamb meat infused with a special combination of spices is smoked for 3 to 4 days. After smoking it is air dried for 20 days. The taste of old times in a single sausage...

Picant lamb

Sausage made of lean lamb meat infused with a special mixture of hot spices. It is smoked for 3 to 4 days with an additional 20 days of air-drying. Century-old accuracy in production...

Products Made of Lean Lamb Meat

All of the products at Lazarević Farm are inspired by the spirit of old times and the traditional manner of production. Products made of lean lamb meat, with no artificial additives, are thought to preserve traditional, rural products.

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Products with:

No additives

No artificial colors

No additional aromas