Lamb Stomach Meat

Made of a specific piece of meat – lamb stomach and seasoned with salt exclusively is smoked by applying a special meat-processing method. Ovčija stelja must be smoked for 3 to 4 days followed by 20 days of air-drying. Special attention during the preparation of ovčija stelja makes it an integral part of rich cultural inheritance.

Nutritional values for an average adult (8400kJ)/2000cal
Average value Nutritional values
Energy per 100g 2466кј/587cal 29,4
Fats (g/100g) 58,3 83,3
Saturated fat acids (g/100g) 29,7 148,7
Carbo hydrates (g/100g) 0,0 0,0
Sugars (g/100g) 0,0 0,0
Proteins 18,2 36,3
Salt (g/100g) 4,86 81,0


Lamb meat (stomach lamb meat), salt


Store at a temperature of 2-8°C. Best before: 180 days from date of manufacture.

No additives

No artificial colors

No additional aromas