Our Story

The story of Lazarević Farm started in a rather unusual way After Slobodan Lazarević decided to continue his life in the village, he acquired his first flock of sheep, following the recommendation of more experienced villagers. Namely, after some time, they discovered that breeding goats and sheep together can be mutually beneficial. This information inspired the most unusual birthday gift. Slobodan received a goat and a goatling from his father and wife. After goats started flocking, an unusual accident occurred where the goat injured Slobodan. As a goat can’t be thrown away, Slobodan decided to revive some forgotten rural products. It was the moment when the story called “Pressed Sausage” started. Since the product was well-received, people at the farm decided to start with the production of pressed sausage made of lamb meat. This moment marked the beginning of breeding well-known Sjenička sheep. Special production procedures, traditional recipes, and lean lamb meat influenced Lazarević Farm products to thrive and become a symbol that sets them apart from similar products in the market. They describe themselves as if they are still at the beginning and that in the future they will fight to preserve traditional, rural products.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is production process improvement and capacity increase. Besides intensive efforts in company identity improvement, special efforts are invested in enhancing the Farm’s visual identity. Apart from that, one of the main short-term goals is branding and product export. Lazarević Farm is focused on the entire implementation of the HASAP certificate is at the same time foundation of improvement and stable growth.

Our Vision

The vision of Lazarević Farm is deeply rooted in the tradition of Serbian villages. Besides, preserving domestic culture and products and keeping them from oblivion, people at the Farm target sausage and stelja production made of lean lamb meat, with no additives and artificial flavor enhancers. Therefore, the goal at the Farm can be noticed in the traditional recipe and creation of authentic products that will contribute to the preservation of traditional Serbian identity.

Secrets Behind the Taste of Lazarević Farm

Products of Lazarević Farm are characterized by the special taste of meat, got of the sheep from domestic breeding, The process of product preparation is based on lean lamb meat with no additives. The secret behind taste is hidden within the preparation process characterized by traditional methods and handmade production. The quality and security provided by these products do not allow for the taste to be questioned.

Degrees and Appreciations

The best indicators of the quality of products from Lazarević Farm are numerous degrees and appreciations. A special place takes national appreciation from the Novi Sad Fair, with an international character, where juries assessed Lazarević Farm products with the highest marks for quality. Therefore, Farm Lazarević was awarded with golden, silver, and bronze medals at this Fair.